School Service

The center provides personalized customized school curriculum, has an excellent professional tutor education team and a wealth of school resources, specifically for different levels of primary and secondary school students, to provide professional curriculum projects and produce suitable materials as required. The tutor team of the center will conduct regular tutor training and meetings to make progress together. The student’s level of learning and teaching needs are closely affixed to it, enabling students to achieve significant improvements in all areas.
We have also established long-term cooperative relationships with different primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong and at home and abroad, such as semester courses, next semester courses and summer courses. According to the different requirements of the school and the purpose of the curriculum, targeted teaching plans are provided to assist in providing various types of school-going courses and extra-curricular activities so as to enhance the ability of students in different aspects and improve them comprehensively.

School Service Project:

  1. Foreign language courses
  2. DSE exam foreign language courses
  3. Hong Kong One-day Course
  4. Overseas study courses

For enquirer school service project information, please email to