Studying Overseas

We offer multi-country study program courses and tailor-made travel programs for schools, groups and companies. Developed into a study program project that fully embodies the concept of “life education”. For many years, it has been engaged in the development of research projects for study tours. It is mainly a series of language and culture study courses including English, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, French, and Spanish. A variety of language classes; and a series of further studies to allow students to experience foreign teaching modes and campus life.

Whether it is the design of the theme or content, or the arrangement of the itinerary or the event, it can be adapted to and satisfied with the different needs of students of different nationalities, ethnicities, genders, ages, cultures, and interests.

Tailor-made travel content includes general education, environmental conservation, eco-tourism, people’s culture, art music, academic exchanges, foreign language learning, and field trips.

Coordinate the relevant arrangements to meet the different needs of the budget; from the arrangements for the visit location, the choice of hotel accommodation, meal arrangement, selection of coaches, tour guides and local tour guide services are strictly selected, and comply with the Bureau of Education guidelines and safety requirements, so that In a well-arranged environment, students learn more knowledge outside of textbooks, increase their knowledge, broaden their horizons, prepare for the future, and lay a good foundation.